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With prolific feature film credits and five seasons of the worldwide HBO hit ‘Game Of Thrones’ under his belt as Art Director, Hauke’s formal training in design and his practical experience in television drama, commercials, and features has come to the fore. He studied Production Design at the London Film School and went on to work under Oscar-winning designers John Box and Roy Walker. He’s also now a three-time Art Directors’ Guild Excellence in Production Design winner (2015, 2016 and 2018, award shared with Deborah Riley, Paul Ghirardani, Christina Moore and team) and also shared a British Film Designers Guild award in 2016 with the same group for his work on ‘Game of Thrones’. He was also part of the identical Emmy winning teams in 2014/15/16 and 2018.

SELECTED CREDITS FEATURE FILMS/TV/SHORTS (as Art Director unless stated otherwise)


2022-23.    NOSFERATU (feature) - in post production                            Robert Eggers / Focus Features / Craig Lathrop

2022.         GRAN TURISMO (feature)  - in post production                     Neill Blomkamp / Sony / Martin Whist

2021-22.    MURDER MYSTERY 2 (feature)                                            Jeremy Garlic / Netflix / Happy Madison / Perry Andelin Blake          

2020-21     DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (feature)                                      John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein / Paramount / Ray Chan

2019-20     THE NORTHMAN (feature)                                                     Robert Eggers / New Regency / Craig Lathrop

2019          TREADSTONE (TV ser. / 7 Eps.)                                            Brad Anderson, Wayne Yip, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Jeremy Webb / USA Network / Gerald                                                                                                                           Sullivan

2018-19     GAME OF THRONES - THE LEGACY                                   HBO/Linen Mill Studios/Poli Productions

                  (GoT Visitor Centre, opened in 2022)

                  as Production Designer

2013-18     GAME OF THRONES SEASON IV - VIII (TV ser. / 43 Eps)   Miguel Sapochnik, David Nutter, David Benioff & Dan Weiss, Jeremy Podeswa, Mark Mylod,

                                                                                                                  Matt Shakman, Alan Taylor, Alex Graves, Michelle McLaren, Alex Sakharov / HBO/ Deborah Riley

2017          BLACK MIRROR Season IV, Ep 6: “Black Museum” (TV)      Colm McCarthy/Netflix/Joel Collins

2017          GUERNSEY (as Draughtsman) (feature)                                Mike Newell / Blueprint Pictures / James Merifield

2014          HIEROGLYPH (Morocco Unit)                                                 Miguel Sapochnik / 20th Century Fox Television / Patti Podesta

2012          SON OF GOD (feature)                                                           Chris Spencer / Mark Burnett Prod./Hearst Entertainment / Alan Spalding                       

2012          THE BIBLE (10-part TV series)                                               Crispin Reece, Chris Spencer, Tony Mitchell/Mark Burnett Prod./Lightworkers Media/History                                                                                                                              Channel / Alan Spalding

2011          WELCOME TO THE PUNCH (feature)                                    Eran Creevy / Scott Free Prod. / Worldview Entert. / Between The Eyes / Crispian Sallis 

2010          FOSTER (feature)                                                                   Jonathan Newman / Foster Prod. / Kintop Films / James Lewis

2010          SPOOKS (Series 9, ep. 3) as 2nd unit Production                  Michael Caton-Jones / Kudos


2010          SILK (6-part TV series)                                                            M. Offer, D. Evans, C. Morshead  / BBC / Melanie Allen

2008          U BE DEAD (TV movie)                                                           Jamie Payne / Darlow Smithson for ITV / James Lewis

2007          INTO THE STORM  (TV movie)as stand-by Art Director         Thaddeus O’Sullivan / BBC-HBO / Luciana Arrighi

2007          CITY OF VICE (5-part TV series)                                            Justin Hardy / Hardy & Son for Channel 4 / James Lewis

2006          A HARLOT’S PROGRESS (TV movie)                                    Justin Hardy / Touchpaper TV for Channel 4 / James Lewis

2005          MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS…                                         Stephen Frears / Heyman-Hoskins Productions / H. Luczyc-Wyhowski

           Set Designer and as Art Director (re-shoots)             

2005          COLOUR ME KUBRICK (feature) as Asst. Art Director          Brian Cook / First Choice Films / Crispian Sallis

2002          MAD DOGS (feature) as Production Designer                        Ahmed Alu Jamal / Roaring Mice Films

2001          THE PIANIST (feature) as Senior Set Designer                      Roman Polanski / RP Productions / Heritage Films / Studio Babelsberg / Allan Starski

2001          CONSPIRACY: THE MEETING AT WANNSEE                      Frank Pierson / HBO / Peter Mullins

                  (TV movie) as Assist. Art Director

2000          BECKETT’S PLAY (short film)                                                Anthony Minghella / BA Films / Roy Walker


SELECTED CREDITS COMMERCIALS / MUSIC VIDEOS (as Art Director unless stated otherwise)


2017          DHL: The Delivery as Designer                                              Ian Sciacaluga / Maverick

2013          NEW CADBURY MOUSSE as Designer                                Ian Sciacaluga / Space City

2008          RYVITA as Designer                                                               Ian Sciacaluga / Space City

2007          KINGSMILL GMTV IDENTS as Designer                               Dominic Brigstone / Bare Films

2006          McCAINS CHIPS: “MMM” & “5% FAT”                                    Michael Gracey & Pete Cummins / Partizan / James Lewis

2005          NATWEST CRICKET IDENTS (5 commercials)                     Ian Sciacaluga / Another Film Company

                    as Designer

2005          BBC LICENCE FEE: “UNFORGETTABLE” as Designer        Ian Sciacaluga / BBC

2004          PAUL WELLER: “WISHING ON A STAR” as Designer           Lawrence Watson / G J Productions

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